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“Life Happens in 5"

5 is more than just a gum brand. 5 fuels the courage to explore. Step into the unfamiliar and feel the exhilaration that choosing new experiences brings. 5 wants people to believe in themselves at the crucial moment of choice ‘Do I? or Don’t I?.

5 is a sugar free stick gum product encased in a sleek black envelope holding 12 sticks. Available in much loved flavours which includes Peppermint (Cobalt), Spearmint (Electro), Watermelon (Tempest) and Strawberry

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• Cobalt™ – a cooling peppermint
• Tempest™ – a mouth-watering watermelon flavour
• Strawberry™

Pack Sizes
• Single packs – 12 stick envelope pack
• Multi-packs – 2 x 12 stick packs

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  • 2009 Launched across Australia and New Zealand in June, 2009, the advertising for 5 described "what it feels like to chew 5 Gum". Set against an industrial, futuristic backdrop, the sensations created by 5 Gum flavours Cobalt™, Electro™ and Pulse™ are expressed through dramatically stimulating visuals and sounds.

  • The campaign also strongly leveraged cinema and online media to showcase our new brand. The 5 Feed website invites consumers to interact with 5 Gum and each other.
  • 2010 5 introduced a mouth watering watermelon flavour to its range called Tempest, bringing the range to 4 great tasting products. The huge success of this flavour has helped 5 gum become the 2nd largest gum (Aztec data 2010) brand in the Australasian market.

  • In September, 5 gum welcomes the 5th flavour to the range, ZING. 5 Zing is a sour to sweet bubble which messes with your taste buds.
  • 2011 5 Gum launches the mysterious new 5 REACT into Australia and New Zealand. Everyone experiences 5 REACT differently, offering a mixed fruit and a mixed mint flavour to truly stimulate the senses.
  • 2012 5 Gum releases 5 Vortex™, a juicy green apple flavour, and 5 Cirrus™, a bursting blueberry flavour. Two exciting new ways to stimulate your senses.
  • 2015 5 Gum puts a new spin on the much loved nostalgic game of Truth or Dare with the launch of 5 Gum Truth or Dare. 5 Gum packs transform to become the centre of the game, with 5 Gum Truth or Dare’ challenges appearing on the stick wrappers. This creating 5 Gum an experience to enjoy on your own or with friends. Watch here to find out more. Are you game?

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