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For fresh breath and great taste

ECLIPSE™ Gum launched in 1999 and has remained a leader in intense breath freshening ever since. The crunchy outer shell delivers a burst of flavour providing incredibly fresh breath and great taste!

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• Spearmint Ice
• Peppermint Ice

Single packs
• 10 piece pack

Multi packs
• 4 pack (4 packs of 10 pieces)

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  • 1999 ECLIPSE™ Gum was introduced into Australia and New Zealand. The launch was fully supported with TV advertising. The 30-second advert was entitled ‘Sound Booth’ and clearly demonstrated how ECLIPSE™ Gum is perfect for freshening your breath giving you social confidence. It was launched in two flavours, Winterfresh and Wintergreen.
  • 2001 ECLIPSE Gum had continued TV support and ran another 30-second ad titled ‘Nurse Veronica’. The ad did a brilliant job at showing how ECLIPSE Gum can indeed make you more attractive.
  • 2003 ECLIPSE Gum had a major re-launch with all new packaging graphics and a longer lasting formula. We also launched ECLIPSE Flash Strips which helped give you strong fresh breath when you really needed it. Two fantastic adverts were aired during this year. The fist was called ‘Van’ which highlighted how ECLIPSE Gum is perfect for tight situations. The second advert was titled ‘Sauna’, demonstrating how the new ECLIPSE Flash Strips give you so much fresh breath confidence that you might get carried away.
  • 2005 ECLIPSE Gum went through a major pack change. Initially the gum had been sold in a 10-piece blister pack, however for increased portability it was changed to a 10-piece counterband pack. The name also changed slightly from ECLIPSE Gum to ECLIPSE Ice Gum, conveying to consumers the intense mint-flavoured and mouth-cooling breath freshening experience, reminiscent of the cooling and freshening properties of ice. The flavours available were Winterfrost, Spearmint and Peppermint.

  • ECLIPSE Mints were introduced into Australia and New Zealand as the first Mint brand from Wrigley. ECLIPSE Mints became the first to offer sugarfree mints in an innovative tin aimed at a youthful target.
  • 2007 ECLIPSE Ice Lemon Burst was launched in Australia and New Zealand, remaining for the next 2 years.
  • 2008 ECLIPSE Ice Gum launched its biggie bottle, which has a massive 55 pieces in it. The biggie bottle comes in Spearmint Ice only and is perfect for the home, car or office.

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