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‘Instant Fresh Breath’

ECLIPSE™ mints launched in 2005, packaged in a stylish tin and offering instant fresh breath. These hard-pressed, sugar free mints are perfect for people whose on-the-go lifestyle demands a breath freshener that really delivers.


• Peppermint
• Spearmint
• Intense
• Cool Breeze™
• Berry

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• Single tins - 50 piece sugar-free mints

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  • 2005ECLIPSE Mints was introduced into Australia and New Zealand as Wrigley’s first mints brand. ECLIPSE Mints were the first to offer sugar-free mints in an innovative tin aimed at a youthful consumer. Launched in Peppermint and Spearmint, the brand’s core promise of ‘Powerful Fresh Breath’ was effectively delivered through intense and instant freshness. The name ECLIPSE comes from the product’s ability to ‘ECLIPSE’ bad breath.

  • The ECLIPSE launch was supported by the ‘Lawyers and Confessions’ television ad, involving two lawyers confessing to having used ECLIPSE to freshen their breath. The breath freshening communication continued in Outdoor advertising with a ‘Breath Defying’ message.
  • 20062006 continued the use of television and outdoor advertising. This year’s television ad featured a snowman, and appealed to consumers with cheeky humour about fresh breath.

  • The brand built on the successful launches of Spearmint and Peppermint, by introducing some fire into the family with the launch of ECLIPSE Cinnamon.
  • 2007ECLIPSE Mints’ next television instalment was to invite consumers to ‘Prepare for the Unexpected’. This campaign was also activated in outdoor media and through sampling at music festivals and shopping centres. 2007 also marked the launch of ECLIPSE Orange.
  • 20082008 saw ECLIPSE get up close and personal with its consumers, inviting them to ‘Get Fresh’. Outdoor advertising, Music festival sponsorships, sampling, online and a range of consumer promotions helped create an integrated campaign to increase awareness of the brand.
  • 2009ECLIPSE Mints reconnected with consumers through television in 2009, inviting them to ‘Live Life in the ECLIPSE’. Shot and produced in Sydney’s Martin Place, the heart of the campaign focussed on the core benefit of ‘Powerful Fresh Breath’. 2009 also saw the introduction of Black Chill, bringing the total ECLIPSE range to 5 fantastic flavours.
  • 2010In 2010, ECLIPSE Mints launched their first Limited Edition tin in Spearmint and Peppermint. The Limited Edition tin aligned to the brand’s youthful and innovative nature, featuring original animated drawings of the globe, and linked to a contemporary Christmas feel.

  • 2010 also witnessed the launch of the ECLIPSE Blackcurrant, providing a sweet berry flavour whilst still delivering powerful fresh breath.
  • 2011ECLIPSE Mints is all about Powerful Fresh Breath. The launch of ECLIPSE Intense offers the coolest sensation you can find on the mints market, challenging your sensory limits by providing a more intense freshness hit to leave you confident for any situation.

  • Sporting a delicious combination of zesty berry and refreshing mint flavours, ECLIPSE Berry flavour arrived on the scene in late 2011. Whether to freshen your breath or to enjoy a fruity twist on a traditional mint, you can’t go wrong with ECLIPSE Berry.

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