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Enjoyed by consumers since 1979, HUBBA BUBBA packs mouth watering flavours into seriously soft, fun formats that make blowing the biggest, baddest bubbles a breeze.


• Outrageous Original
• Seriously Strawberry
• Groovy Grape

Pack Sizes

Single Packs
• 5 piece Chunk

Multi Packs
• 4 pack (4 packs of 5 pieces)

• 180cm Tape in clam shell

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  • 1979 HUBBA BUBBA was launched with the first fun flavour, Original.
  • 1980 The ‘Gumslinger’ campaign came to life in Australia and ran for over 20 years using the ‘Big Bubbles No Troubles’ tagline. Teens were able to be part of the HUBBA BUBBA Gumfighters club which made blowing bubbles even more fun plus on their birthdays.
  • 1981 HUBBA BUBBA Seriously Strawberry was launched. A yummy soft chunk of bubble gum that is still available today!
  • 1983 Groovy Grape was launched in Australia. This brought the total product range to four great tasting bubblicious flavours.
  • 1986 HUBBA BUBBA Cola flavour was produced allowing consumers to enjoy one of their favourite flavours in a whole new bubble blowing frenzy experience.
  • 2003 Just when you thought blowing bubbles couldn’t get more fun, we created a way to get your friends in on the action: HUBBA BUBBA Bubble Tape! A 180cm roll of zingy flavoured bubblegum that fits neatly into a handy dispenser. This fun, funky strip of bubble gum is ideal for sharing with your bubble mad mates! Just tear off equal pieces and see who can blow the biggest bubble!
  • 2008 ‘HUBBA BUBBA Get Training’ program kicked off. Teens around Australia were given tips and tricks on how to blow the world’s biggest bubble.
  • 2009 We brought back the great tasting flavour of Outrageous Original. Look for it in stores now!

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