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'The taste is gonna Move ya'

You want, you need and you got to have more sweet! JUICY FRUIT brings you one-of-a-kind flavour that satisfies your cravings for something sweet. People all over the world have loved JUICY FRUIT for over 100 years.


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• 5 pack (5 packs of 10 pieces)

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  • 1912 JUICY FRUIT first came to Australia in 1912 when The Wrigley Company first opened its doors here. It took off, soon becoming consumers’ favourite juiciest chew.
  • 1915 The first official Australian Wrigley factory in Melbourne started producing JUICY FRUIT. This helped JUICY FRUIT get in the hands of every one who wanted it.
  • 2004 We wanted to mix it up with the launch of JUICY FRUIT ‘Its Twisted’ product range. Consisting of two twisted flavours, Strappleberry and Citronic. These products were launched as 10-piece packs and were deliciously fruity!
  • 2007 In May, 2007 JUICY FRUIT went crazy and launched its awesome 60 piece biggie bottle. Allowing our consumers to have a pack for their home, office and car!
  • We couldn’t launch this mega bottle without some noise so we ran a super cool campaign with Habbo Hotel called ‘Compressed Fun’. We had our very own Virtual JUICY FRUIT Beach Café and held the world’s biggest online beach party. Those cool enough to attend got some freebies like JUICY FRUIT umbrellas and JUICY FRUIT towels. All virtual of course.
  • 2010 and beyond Watch this space!

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