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Goodbye Awkward

P.K.® has been delivering long lasting fresh breath for over 80 years and comes in two fresh flavours: Peppermint and Licorice.



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• 10 Piece Counterband

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• 5 pack (5 packs of 10 pieces)

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  • 1929 P.K. gum was launched and is the second largest brand of pellet gum in Australia & New Zealand today.
  • 1983 The ‘Keeps you hummin’ TV campaign was launched for P.K. and lasted for 3 years.
  • 1981 P.K. Blue (Licorice flavour) was launched.
  • 1997 P.K’s Duff creek TV campaign went live and ran for 5 years, giving P.K. a real presence in the Australian Market.
  • 2007 P.K. launched in a 60 piece Biggie Bottle so that loyal consumers could have a pack for their home, car or office.
  • 2009 The ‘Goodbye Awkward’ TV campaign is launched. The ‘Goodbye Awkward‘ tag line signifies those awkward moments when communicating with someone who has bad breath. However, this is not an issue after you have chewed some P.K.

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