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'Taste the Rainbow®'

“SKITTLES bite-sized chewy lollies with a colourful crispy shell, have been allowing fans to 'Taste The Rainbow' since the 1980's. SKITTLES come in a mix of fruity flavours, such as Fruits and Sours to excite the taste buds.”

“Watch the 'SKITTLES Bleachers' TV ad here”.


Single packs
• Fruits 55g
• Sours 50g

Share bags
• Fruits 200g
• Sours 190g
• Fruits 110g

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  • 1980’s Following on from the success in the United States, SKITTLES launched into the Australian market in the 1980’s, introducing candy like never before, chewy candies with a colourful shell. SKITTLES made its impact on the market with Fruits and Sours. SKITTLES also went to air on television with their ‘Skateboard’ campaign involving teens on skateboards consuming SKITTLES that have a ‘chewy explosion of fruity flavour bursting to get out!’
  • 1997 This year was the launch of the ‘Ride the Rainbow’ television ad, which was all about tasting the rainbow of fruit flavours.
  • 1999 In 1999, SKITTLES appealed to their humorous side with the ‘Teabreak’ television ad. The ad featured a young boy sharing his SKITTLES with his grandparents. The consumption of SKITTLES sends his Grandma into a rapping and dancing fit, communicating the energising effect of the rainbow.
  • 2005 2005 was the year of new packaging. SKITTLES launched into a flip-top tube, giving consumers durable, convenient on-the-go packaging. The brand also launched ‘Snap’n’Share’ which was snack size packs that could be torn and portioned.
  • 2006 SKITTLES took a walk on the wild side with the launch of Wildberry, including flavours such as Strawberry, Berry Punch, Wild Cherry, Melon Berry and Raspberry.
  • 2007 Showtime made an appearance for a limited season offering a carnival of flavours. These show stopping flavours included: Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum, Red Liquorice, Candy Apple and Green Slushy.

    2007 also saw SKITTLES go mini with the launch of SKITTLES Littles, a tube filled with mini-skittles.
  • 2009In 2009, SKITTLES returned to advertising on Television. SKITTLES communicated the brand through two television ads. The first ad was SKITTLES Leak (watch the ad here), which invited consumers to ‘Catch the Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow’. The second ad was SKITTLES Beard, (watch the ad here) which encouraged consumers to ‘Share the Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow’

  • SKITTLES Citrus also made its debut this year.
  • 2011Welcoming a new member to the family, SKITTLES has introduced Crazy Cores. Delivering two amazing fruit flavours in each and every bite, Crazy Cores will set taste buds tingling with an even tastier chewy experience! You can be sure to expect the unexpected with these flavours in every pack: Cherry Lemonade, Melon Berry, Strawberry Watermelon, Mango Peach and Blue Raspberry Lemon.
  • 2012Skittles went very berry with the launch of Wild Berry. A berry rainbow mix with berry flavours such as Berry Punch, Strawberry, Wild Cherry, Melon Berry and Raspberry.
  • 2014In 2014, SKITTLES launched a new pack format, the 45g handy box, offering better portability and resealability and is perfect for on-the-go. Available in both Fruits and Sours flavours.

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