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Juicy burst of Fun

Packed with a juicy burst of fun and fruit flavour, STARBURST can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. Available in jellies, chewy candy and many shapes and sizes including Snakes, Babies, Fruit Chews and Party Mix. STARBURST has become a well-recognised brand, creating moments of fun all over Australia and New Zealand.


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• Snakes - 180g, 350g & 500g
• Babies - 180g & 350g
• Party Mix - 180g, 350g & 500g
• Fruit Chews - 170g & 265g
• Fruitful Mix - 180g & 350g
• Sucks - 104g
• Mixed Berries - 170g
• Snakes & Ladders – 180g
• Animal Friends – 180g

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  • 1996 The STARBURST brand made its first Australian appearance in 1996, launching the now iconic Fruit Chews in a single stick pack. STARBURST entered the market with full on fruit flavour and a vibrant personality that was unlike any other brand of lollies.
  • 1997 1997 saw STARBURST introduce its jelly lolly range with Jelly Beans, Babies and Rattlesnakes joining the line-up. The range continued to expand with larger bags, singles packs and new flavours. This year also marked the first television campaign which communicated just how juicy Starburst is.
  • 2003 STARBURST diversified into new formats with the launch of STARBURST Sucks, playing on STARBURST's cheeky personality and bringing some-much needed punch to the lollipops market. Sucks launched in a variety of fruit flavours.
  • 2003 also introduced us to STARBURST Squirts, the first ever jelly lolly filled with liquid on the Australian market. The launch of STARBURST Squirts was supported by a television campaign filled with powerful flavour that was dangerously juicy.
  • 2004 STARBURST unveiled the 'Juice it up' consumer promotion, giving fans fo the brand the opportunity to win a VIP trip to the 47th Grammy Awards.
  • 2005 The next exciting STARBURST consumer promotion, the 'Golden Key', partnered with the Big Brother TV program to offer one lucky customer the chance to become an official Big Brother housemate.
  • 2008 The 'Screw the Boss' consumer competition was supported by radio personalities Hamish and Andy, giving lucky consumers the opportunity to earn the pay-rise they deserved.

    STARBURST Re-Juiced was launched in 2008, offering a better-for-you jelly lolly with 30% less sugar.
  • 2010 In 2010 STARBURST partnered with Camp Quality, donating $100,000 and its usual vibrant yellow package colouring to help colour the lives of young people living with cancer. The partnership was supported by a unique television ad starring young teens from Camp Quality all dressed in white, standing in a white room.
  • The stars of the ad took part in a massive colour fight, throwing paint-filled balloons to splash bursts of colour onto the walls and their friends – if they could catch them! STARBURST followed this ad up later in the year with a televised Fruit Storm, demonstrating the full on flavour experience that STARBURST offers consumers. The scene is set with a group of friends on a road trip sharing a packet of STARBURST jellies, which causes a fruit storm that sweeps them up intoa refreshing experience that is full of flavour.
  • 2011 The Limited Edition range rotates regularly to bring more flavour sensations to our consumers. Following on from the highly popular Smoothies flavour, the Limited Edition range now offers Summer Fruits. Summer Fruits is a mixture of seasonal fruit jellies including watermelon, passionfruit, mango creams, pineapple, banana creams and mint jelly. A bag of Starburst Limited Edition Summer Fruits is the perfect partner for the sunny season! Pick up a pack today, as it’s only available for a limited time!

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