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Rewards & Benefits

Annual Bonuses
In addition to salary, all Wrigley associates participate in a bonus program based on the performance of the company. This bonus is in recognition of performance, and is one way the company aims to provide a positive and rewarding environment for all associates.

Annual Salary Reviews
Offering competitive remuneration and associate benefits allows Wrigley to attract and retain the most talented associates. All associates have an annual Performance Review and, to ensure competitive remuneration and rewards of our associates, Wrigley participates in market salary surveys and research to ensure the business has an effective and fair remuneration policy.

Annual Wrigley Awards
Wrigley recognises our associates’ individual and team performance via an annual awards program. These awards ensure associates are recognised for their successes and/or demonstrated behaviours throughout the year which contribute to the continued success of our business.

Wrigley has a philosophy of life-long learning. To support this, we employ a team of Training Specialists to assist with the development needs of our associates. Training and development initiatives are created to accommodate associate’s individual needs, allowing our associates to grow within their role and acquire skills, knowledge and experience to assist further their career. In addition to in-house training, associates can also be sponsored through other job related or career development courses.

In Australia, Wrigley Associates participate in an accumulation superannuation fund in which the company contributes an amount, which is legislatively set at 9.5% of salary. Associates may make additional voluntary contributions into the fund.

In New Zealand there is no legislative requirement for the company to make superannuation contributions, however Wrigley contributes 5% of base salary, then offering to match dollar for dollar associate voluntary contributions up to a further 5% of base salary.

Through the superannuation fund, all associates receive basic insurance against death or total and permanent disability and associates can choose to take out additional insurance.

Diversity and Inclusion
At Wrigley, diversity and inclusion is not a program - it is who we are and how we live. It is valued in the decisions we make on behalf of our company and inherent in our core values. By appreciating that each associate is unique and assuring that each associate feels connected to others in the organisation, we are positioning our company for exceptional performance.

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