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Working at Wrigley

Freedom, responsibility and a business to call your own.

At Wrigley we know our associates are our most valuable asset – they’re the most important part of our continued growth and success. The quality of our team is integral in making Wrigley a great place to work.

Wrigley people are known as Associates for a reason: it’s because we expect each and every one of them to run the business as if it was their own. Whether you are in the factory making sure our machines run well, a graduate learning how to be a leader of tomorrow, or a senior manager in any of our functions, the expectation is the same. You’ll have a freedom you’ve not experienced before. A lot of freedom. And with that freedom comes responsibility.

So at the same time, we expect our associates to grab everything that’s within their reach and use it to develop themselves. You control your future development at Wrigley. Exactly how that happens, though, could be in any number of ways; we provide a broad structure for development that can be used to drive your career across countries and even business segments within our parent company, Mars Incorporated.

It’s no surprise that we aim to attract exceptional people – the kind who have tonnes of talent and who don’t just wait for things to drop into their lap, they go out and grab life with both hands. People who can take responsibility for everything and anything from revolutionising the way we sell our products, to improving the sustainability of our manufacturing facilities. If you’re one of those outstanding people then we’ll give you the freedom to do great work – all kinds of possibilities will be open to you.

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