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Company Frequently Asked Questions

The content in this section pertains to Wrigley's Australian and New Zealand brands and products. For information on Wrigley products in other countries, please visit one of our local country sites or use our Contact Us form.

  • How may I contact The Wrigley Company?
    The head office for Wrigley Pacific is:

    The Wrigley Company Pty Limited
    Locked Bag 3355
    Hornsby NSW 1630
    Ph: +61 2 9847 9111
    Fax: +61 2 9476 5478
  • Are there public tours of Wrigley factories?
    Unfortunately our manufacturing facilities are not equipped for visitors and therefore we do not offer public tours. Our facilities do not have a viewing gallery through which visitors could walk, allowing them to pass by the high speed machinery safely.
  • How can I apply for a job at The Wrigley Company?
    Please visit the Careers section of our website for information on our recruitment process and joining the Wrigley team.
  • How may I contact The Wrigley Company if I have a query about one of your products?
    You can call our Consumer Care team Monday to Friday during business hours on:

    Within Australia: 1300 721 831
    Within New Zealand: 0800 408 364

    To contact us by email please use our Contact Us form.
  • Where can I get more information about the history of Wrigley?
    We are happy to share our story of over 100 years of success. Please visit the Heritage section of our website.
  • What is Wrigley's approach to Corporate Social Responsibility?

    Wrigley has a proud heritage of conducting its business in a socially responsible manner, building strong relations with our surrounding communities and empowering our associates to behave according to our Principles. By putting our Principles into Action, we aim to make a difference through oral health education, environmental stewardship, and local community partnerships.

    In addition to these philanthropic partnerships, Wrigley also welcomes local non-profit organisations to submit a request for samples of selected products. Please be aware, Wrigley does not accept unsolicited sponsorship applications.

  • How old is The Wrigley Company?
    Our company was founded in the United States of America on April 1, 1891 by William Wrigley Jnr, although it didn't begin offering chewing gum until the following year. In Australia, in 1911 Mr Tim Healey became the Wrigley agent, and in 1915 Mr Philip K Wrigley came to Australia to set up the new manufacturing plant.
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