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Product Frequently Asked Questions

The content in this section applies to Wrigley's Australian and New Zealand brands and products. For information on Wrigley products in other countries, please visit one of our local country sites or use our Contact Us form.

  • Which products are Vegan or Vegetarian suitable?
    We understand it is important for you to have up to date information on what food products you can enjoy, so we are pleased to confirm the following products manufactured by The Wrigley Company in Australia, do not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

    AIRWAVES® Menthol Eucalyptus
    ECLIPSE® Ice Peppermint, Spearmint
    ECLIPSE™ Pressed Mints Peppermint, Spearmint, Intense and Berry
    ECLIPSE™ Chewy Mints Peppermint, Spearmint, Strawberry and Lemon Lime
    EXTRA ACTIVE™ Peppermint, Spearmint,
    EXTRA™ Pellet Peppermint and Spearmint
    EXTRA™ Tab Bubblemint, Peppermint, Spearmint, Strawberry,
    EXTRA™ White Lemon Lime, White Peppermint, Bubblemint
    HUBBA BUBBA® Chunk Original
    HUBBA BUBBA™ Chunk and Tape - Strawberry, Original, Grape and Triple Mix
    JUICY FRUIT® Original
    SKITTLES® Fruits and Sours
    PK® Blue, Mint

    All Starburst® products contain animal-based gelatine with the exception of Starburst® Sucks which are vegan suitable.

    In addition to locally made products, The Wrigley Company Australia imports products manufactured by other Wrigley companies around the world. Below is a list of imported products that we can confirm are free from animal derivatives:
    - 5® - Cobalt (Peppermint), Tempest (Watermelon) and Strawberry.
  • Are Wrigley products gluten free?
    We are pleased to confirm the following products do not contain ingredients derived from wheat sources:

    EXTRA® - Peppermint, Spearmint, Strawberry, Sweetmint,
    EXTRA ACTIVE® Peppermint, Spearmint,
    ECLIPSE® Ice - Peppermint, Spearmint
    ECLIPSE® hard pressed sugar free mints: Peppermint, Spearmint, Berry, Intense
    EXTRA® Professional-Lemon Lime, Peppermint, and Bubblemint
    AIRWAVES® - Menthol Eucalyptus
    5® - Cobalt (Peppermint), Electro (Spearmint), Tempest (Watermelon) and Strawberry

    Our sugared gum products contain glucose syrup, which uses wheat as a source material. Having said that, It has been thoroughly processed and only minute amounts of gluten may remain.

    Our sugared gums are:

    PK® - Peppermint, Licorice
    JUICY FRUIT® - Original
    Hubba Bubba® - Grape, Cola, Seriously Strawberry and Triple Mix
    Eclipse Chewy mints contain Wheat glucose with detectable gluten so are therefore not considered gluten free.

    Skittles® contain wheat with detectable gluten and therefore are not considered gluten free.

    All Starburst® products contain detectable amounts of gluten and are not considered to be gluten free. The exception to this is Starburst(r) Sucks which do not contain gluten.
  • Which products are Halal or Kosher suitable?
    Many of our products are suitable for Halal and Kosher certification, however we do not have certification in place from the Halal authority or the Kosher board for any Wrigley products.

    We understand that you would like to know more about whether our products are suitable for you to consume so we are pleased to confirm the following shelf ready products do not contain any pork, Alcohol or animal ingredients :

    PK® – Blue and Mint
    Hubba Bubba® Strawberry, Original
    Extra® – Peppermint, Spearmint, Strawberry
    EXTRA®Active™ Peppermint, Spearmint
    ECLIPSE® Peppermint, Spearmint, Cool Breeze, berry and Eclipse® Ice gum
    ECLIPSE® Chewy mints Spearmint, Fruit Trio, Peppermint and Watermelon & Strawberry
    EXTRA® Professional - Lemon Lime, Bubblemint, Peppermint
    AIRWAVES® - Menthol Eucalyptus
    5gum® - Cobalt (peppermint), Electro (spearmint), Tempest (watermelon) and Strawberry
    SKITTLES® - Fruits, Sours and Tropical
    STARBURST ® Sucks

    Please be advised that in our STARBURST® Jelly range, we use gelatine derived from either beef or pork. This will depend on the raw material available at the time of production.
  • What do I do if my dog has consumed gum?
    Some of our chewing gum contains xylitol, which is a safe ingredient for humans and widely approved by regulatory authorities all over the world.
    However, like many foods suitable for human consumption, chewing gum is not intended to be consumed by animals.
    Xylitol is toxic to dogs. If you suspect your dog has consumed chewing gum, please immediately contact your local vet service for assistance.
    If you would like more information on what foods are dangerous to animals , you may find the RSPCA website helpful:
    Currently in Australia we have Xylitol in the following brands:
    EXTRA Professional Strongmint and Spearmint (recently discontinued)
    EXTRA White Lemon Lime (previously known as EXTRA Professional White Lemon Lime)
    FIVE Electro and Tempest
    Please contact our Consumer Care team on 1800 084 222 (Australia) or 0800 408 364 (New Zealand) if you have any further questions or comments.
  • When is my child old enough to chew gum?

    Like any food, chewing gum or bubble gum can pose a choking hazard, especially to young children. We do not promote consumption of gum by very young children and there are no specific guidelines as to when a child can start chewing gum as each child’s development is unique. The decision to allow a child to chew gum should be a parental decision, reached after careful consideration of all relevant information, including whether the child is aware of and can understand any potential choking hazards. If you feel you need further guidance, please consult your medical practitioner.

    If you have decided to allow your child to chew gum and you are confident your child understands the concept of chewing gum without swallowing it, you may like to start your child on half a piece of gum, rather than a full piece. Like all foods, chewing gum is best consumed when your child is seated and supervised and we strongly advise against allowing your child to consume gum when engaged in highly active play such as sport or running around.

    For supporting government guidelines on safe food consumption, NSW Health have provided recommendations which can be found here (page 17) or if you are in New Zealand, the Ministry of Health has provided a useful section on their website which can be located here.

    Chewing Extra® sugarfree gum is great for oral health, however it is not a replacement for brushing twice a day with toothbrush and toothpaste. For information on keeping your children’s teeth strong and healthy, we recommend reading the Australian Dental Associations guide here or if you are in New Zealand, check out the New Zealand Dental Association guidelines, located here.

    If you have any further questions – please contact us here or phone us on 1800 084 222 (Australia) or 0800 408 364 (New Zealand).

  • Is it true that if you swallow chewing gum it takes seven years to digest?
    No. Although chewing gum is not designed to be swallowed, it passes through the body's digestive system after a few days in much the same way as roughage.
  • What does P.K. stand for?
    Within Wrigley folklore there are two possible answers to this question. Some say the initials P.K. are derived from a slogan that originated many years ago, in the development of our strict packaging codes - specifically "Packed tight - Kept right", whilst others believe the P.K. brand was named after Philip Knight Wrigley who was the CEO from 1925 to 1961.
  • How does EXTRA® White actually whiten your teeth?
    In addition to the oral health benefits of chewing EXTRA sugar-free gum, clinical findings obtained in a controlled study show that chewing EXTRA White on a regular basis after eating helps prevent tooth stains from accumulating2. The results showed the extent and intensity of dental stains were reduced by 36% after six weeks, in comparison with the group that did not chew.

    2. Kleber CJ, Moore MH, Putt MS, Milleman JL (2000) Effect of Carbamide/Baking Soda Chewing Gum on in vitro Stain Removal/Formation, Journal of Dental Research 79:2602
  • What is phenylalanine?

    Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid found naturally in many foods and is used as one of the basic building blocks by the body to build proteins for muscles. Phenylketonuria (PKU) is a rare metabolic disorder that results when the Phenylketonuria gene is inherited from both parents.

    A small percentage of individuals are born with this rare hereditary disorder. Such individuals are unable to metabolise phenylalanine adequately and need to control their intake of this amino acid from all food sources. Since the 1960's all newborns in Australia and New Zealand have been screened at birth for PKU. Individuals who have PKU are therefore aware of it from childhood.

    Aspartame contains the natural amino acids L-aspartic acids and L-phenylalanine. It is a regulatory requirement within Australia and New Zealand that foods and beverages containing Aspartame are labelled to advise these consumers of the presence of Phenylalanine. For more information visit

  • What does the brand name '5™' mean?
    The brand name 5™ refers to the five senses. 5™ Gum was developed to stimulate the senses i.e. sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste.
  • Why is chewing sugarfree gum good for my oral health?
    Chewing a sugar-free gum such as EXTRA has been proven to stimulate saliva by 10 times1. Saliva is the body's own natural defence mechanism, protecting our teeth. Saliva helps to wash away food particles that may have lodged in your teeth and gums and neutralise harmful plaque acid in the mouth. Stimulated saliva contains more bicarbonate, calcium and phosphate, not only helping rebalance the pH in your mouth after eating and drinking, but also helping to re-mineralise tooth enamel, protecting them from an acid attack.

    1. Szöke J, Bánóczy J, Proskin HM (2001), 'Effect of after-meal sucrose-free gum-chewing on clinical caries,' Journal of Dental Research, 80(8): 1725-29.
  • Can I get samples of your products?
    Due to the large volume of requests we receive, we are unable to send product samples. Often when we launch a new product we conduct sampling events in major cities to let consumers taste our newest creation.
  • Where can I find nutritional information for my product?
    Nutritional information is listed on most of our product packaging. You can also visit the Nutrition Information section of our website for our complete Australia and New Zealand product listing and nutrition facts. Our Consumer Care team is also happy to answer your nutritional questions. Call them on 1300 721 831 if you are in Australia or 0800 408 364 if in New Zealand. Alternatively, use our Contact Us form.
  • How do I remove gum from clothing?
    Whilst we do not guarantee these methods, here are options for removal of gum from clothing you might like to try:

    For washable clothes, first try scraping off any excess gum with a dull knife and then rubbing the area with ice until the remaining gum rolls off into a ball
    Seal the dry garment in a plastic bag and place it in your freezer. After the garment is frozen, remove from the freezer and gently scrape off the gum with a dull knife
    There are natural solvents extracted from citrus peels which are environmentally safe and work quite well in removing chewing gum from various surfaces, including cloth. These can be purchased from supermarkets and some health food stores
    You could also try applying eucalyptus oil to the area then wash the garment as usual. Eucalyptus oil can be purchased at supermarkets or chemists. If using solvents or eucalyptus oil ensure you try on a small inconspicuous area first to ensure colour fastness.
  • Can I buy directly from you?
    It is not possible for us to sell directly to individuals. Our factories and warehouses are set up to ship large quantities of product, not smaller portions. We suggest you enquire with your local wholesaler or distributor for more information.
  • Why do Wrigley products differ from country to country?
    At Wrigley, we understand that consumers in different countries may want different things from chewing gum, mint brands and confections and as such brands and products available may vary from one country to another. Before launching a new brand of product into any country, we undertake extensive research to ensure that it is going to meet the needs of relevant consumers.
  • I bought a variety pack that has more of than one flavour than the other. What happened?
    Whilst we try to ensure each variety bag has an even distribution of the flavours to give our consumers the best flavour variety available, on occasion a variety bag may leave our factory with more of one particular flavour than another.
  • What products are manufactured by The Wrigley Company?
    Globally the Wrigley portfolio includes gum, mints, hard and chewy candies, lollipops, chocolate, jellies and gummies. Iconic Wrigley brands available within Australia and New Zealand are:

    Mints: ECLIPSE®, ECLIPSE® Chewy Mints Spearmint, Peppermint, and Fruit Trio.
    Confections: STARBURST®, SKITTLES® and KENMAN® candy.
  • Why can't I locate my favourite product on supermarket shelves?
    We always want to offer our consumers the widest variety of brands, products and flavours. Occasionally it is necessary to discontinue products if there is not enough demand for them in the marketplace. We listen to all consumers and certainly let our Marketing team know when a product is being missed.
  • Where can I buy Wrigley products?
    The vast majority of Wrigley products are widely available in supermarkets, newsagents and independent shops throughout Australia and New Zealand.
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