1. Paul-Leading Hand Night Shift Coating

    Leading Hand Night Shift Coating

    Started at Wrigley 1974

    “Working at Wrigley is like having a second family where everyone has a common goal to produce a quality product in a safe, environmental friendly and cost efficient way.”

  2. Jennifer-Receptionist


    Started at Wrigley 2008

    “The opportunity to work in an interesting and busy environment and to meet and greet a variety of people whether they be VIPs, contractors and couriers. There’s never a dull moment here!”

  3. Manuj-Senior Product Development Scientist

    Senior Product Development Scientist

    Started at Wrigley 2002

    “At Wrigley, every Associate has the opportunity to do their best and make a difference. My passion for R&D and our brands has helped me develop products that our consumers love. In Wrigley – We Believe in Better.”

  4. Rory-National Business Manager

    National Business Manager

    Started at Wrigley 2014

    “Since joining Wrigley, the support I have received from the business in both my personal and professional development has been phenomenal. It’s a genuine pleasure to come to work everyday.”

  5. Simon-Wrapping Machine Operator

    Wrapping Machine Operator

    Started at Wrigley 1989

    “It’s a great work environment here at Wrigley’s. Working with switched on people and making exciting high quality products for all to enjoy.”

  6. Emma-Team Leader Mints

    Team Leader Mints

    Started at Wrigley 2001

    “Wrigley is different because the culture is all about the people. Opportunities to learn and grow with the business is key to my success at Wrigley. Everyone here takes responsibility to deliver quality products and services making me proud to be an Associate.”

  7. Yuuki - Senior Consumer Marketing Insights Manager

    Senior Consumer Marketing Insights Manager

    Started at Wrigley in 2009

    "Wrigley has given me the opportunity to take a broader business focus since I joined. I now have a holistic understanding of how brands work that I didn't have before."

  8. Hengky - Quality Assurance Coordinator

    Quality Assurance Coordinator

    Started at Wrigley 2011

    "People's engagement at Wrigley are unique - we know what the business goals are and how we can help to achieve them. The team here is close knit and takes real pride in recognising one another's achievements."

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