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Putting Our Principles into Action

Wrigley is dedicated to bringing a brighter world to life for our consumers. But beyond the fun and happiness our products offer, we also strongly believe in our role in the wider world, a role of responsibility and corporate citizenship.

Our business is built on the fundamental belief that to endure, we must deliver mutual benefits for our business and for all of our stakeholders including associates, customers, consumers, suppliers, partners and communities.

We are guided and governed in this effort by our Five Principles: Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom. Our objective as a business is to put these principles into action every day, making a difference to People and Planet through sustainable Performance.

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PeopleIt’s not just our fun and popular products that give people a lift in their daily lives. We believe we can and must play a positive role for everyone our business touches.
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Planet From the way we source our ingredients, to how we fuel our factories and package our products, we are mindful of our impact on the world around us. We’re committed to ever-higher standards of quality, efficiency, conservation and safety.
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PerformanceWe can’t make a difference in the world if we don’t sustain our own business. Our performance has a direct and indirect impact on the economy and the quality of life of the communities where we do business – through job creation, community involvement and economic growth.
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