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Packaging Innovation & Sourcing

Creating Consumer-Friendly,
Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Packaging is a high-profile component of a consumer’s experience – it enables the safe transportation of our product, identifies our brands and provides consumers with important information. However, packaging also uses material, and we need to find solutions that allow us to deliver our product while lowering the impact of those materials on the environment.

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Packaging Design

With 41 brands across 182 markets, we have thousands of packaging configurations around the world. To make sure we’re designing the best package for the job, we use a scientific approach to identify and measure the sustainability impact of all ingredients that go into the end design.

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We are committed to:

  • Reducing packaging weights by 10 percent by 2015, from a 2007 baseline, regardless of business growth
  • Designing our packaging to be 100 percent recyclable or recoverable by 2015, where infrastructure exists
  • Using materials which contain 10 percent recycled content by 2015, where possible given regulatory and food safety requirements
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