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Product Innovation & Sourcing

Seeking Sustainable
Ingredients and Suppliers

We’re attuned to the environmental impact we have in sourcing, so we’re exploring the impact our products have on the environment and our consumers, sourcing the best ingredients and partnering with those who share our commitment to a sustainable future.

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Designing Gum for the Future

When disposed of improperly, gum can stick to sidewalks and other surfaces. While education and behavior change are critical to eliminating the issue, we’re also focusing on creating a gum base that is easier to remove if improperly littered.

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We are committed to:

  • Identifying a technical solution to littered gum
  • Focusing on the completion of sustainability assessments for key ingredients and suppliers
  • Using product life cycle analysis assessments to influence our long-term sustainability strategies for today and beyond
  • Initiating new product formulations and processes, resulting in a more eco-friendly design
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