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The Wrigley Company Foundation

The Wrigley Company Foundation aspires to achieve its mission by establishing global partnerships focused on oral health and access to oral care, as well as a number of environmental initiatives, especially those that encourage healthy communities through litter prevention and environmental beautification.

Within the Pacific, the Foundation partners with both the Australian Dental Association Foundation and the New Zealand Dental Association to provide Community Service Grants to dentists and dental students to run projects to improve access to oral care and oral health education.

The Community Service Grants are awarded annually to help dental professionals implement grassroots programs within high risk communities such as, indigenous, homeless, special needs disability, low income and elderly groups.

Since the inception of the Community Service Grants program in 2011, the Wrigley Company Foundation has provided more than US$500,000 in grant funding to worthy dental projects across the Australian, New Zealand and the Pacific.

For more information on the Community Service Grants program and application details, please visit either the Australian Dental Association Foundation or New Zealand Dental Association’s websites, or contact


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