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Wrigley signs on to the FDI Vision 2020 partnership

Wrigley has become the latest partner to join Vision 2020, an FDI initiative to raise the political profile of oral health among public health officials and other decision-makers at national and international level.

“Wrigley has been a long-time keen supporter of FDI work and I’m delighted they have agreed to sign on to our ambitions in oral health advocacy by strengthening the activities and goals of Vision 2020,” said FDI President Dr Patrick Hescot. “This support will enable us to position oral health where it needs to be: high on the global health agenda.”

“Wrigley is very supportive of the Vision 2020 ambition, to drive awareness among governments and health authorities of the human and economic cost of oral disease, and to develop strategies to address this burden,” said Matthew Kent, Senior Corporate Affairs Manager, Global Oral Care. “Through Vision 2020 we have an opportunity to change behaviours at a grass-roots level, to focus more on prevention oriented oral health care.”

Launched in 2012, Vision 2020 provided a map of the challenges facing the oral health community, which were to:

  • Meet the increasing need and demand for oral health care
  • Expand the role of the health-care professional
  • Shape a responsive educational model
  • Mitigate the impacts of socio-economic dynamics
  • Foster fundamental and translational research and technology

Today, FDI global advocacy and Vision 2020 have merged into common strategy with a twin focus: on the one hand, ensuring the oral health community is aligned and equipped to put pressure on national governments to address oral disease within national health action plans; on the other ensuring that FDI member national dental associations and the wider oral health community are represented in the international health policy debate.

Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program

The Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program (WOHP) partners with dental professionals worldwide, helping them improve their patients’ oral health through one additional simple and enjoyable step in their daily routine: chewing sugarfree gum after eating and drinking on-the-go. For more than 25 years, WOHP has supported independent clinical research into the benefits of chewing gum, including saliva stimulation, plaque acid neutralization and tooth strengthening to help dental professionals and their patients understand the role of sugarfree gum as a convenient tool for everyday oral care. WOHP is one example of how we make a difference to people and the planet through performance, and how we incorporate our principles based approach to business into all that we do.

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