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Our Philosophy

At Wrigley, we know that our continued success depends heavily on the prosperity and sustainability of the global marketplace that we serve. Our founder, Wm. Wrigley Jr., first established the importance of mutually beneficial relationships back in 1891 - when he stressed that shared success, with customers, suppliers, employees and the communities where we live and work - was vital to building a business that would last for generations.

To us at Wrigley, sustainability isn’t a new program; sustainability is simply the continuation of our values-driven culture and ‘The Wrigley Way’ of doing business. Today, more than ever, sustainability is one of our leading priorities and we have committed our people, our resources and our energy to improving our environmental profile through every aspect of our business and its operations.

William Wrigley JuniorWilliam Wrigley Jr. believed in mutually beneficial business relationships. In fact, in one famous incident, he ripped up a contract with a vendor because the vendor said he'd lose money on the deal. Wrigley knew that to build sustainable communities, all partners in the business deal had to benefit.
Our Definition

Sustainability at Wrigley means driving business performance by advancing the well being of people and the planet, now and for future generations.

Our Vision

Weave sound environmental, social and economic practices into the fabric of everyday business decisions at Wrigley, ensuring that our commitment to sustainability is second nature in everything we do.

Our Strategic Focus

To be successful in our sustainability efforts, we are focusing on four areas that we believe provide the most opportunity for Wrigley to make a difference: Operations: Facilities & Logistics, Packaging: Innovation & Sourcing, Product: Innovation & Sourcing, and Culture & Community.

In each of these strategic focus areas, Wrigley is already pursuing sustainable practices and seeing results. And, plans are in place to achieve more in the future.

Putting our Principles into Action: Wrigley Pacific launches first Sustainability Report

At Wrigley and Mars, we have always cared deeply about our people, our business and the world in which we live and work. To us, sustainability isn’t a new ‘program’. Sustainability is simply an embodiment of our values-driven culture. We call this ‘the Wrigley Way’ of doing business, and it has served us well in the Pacific region for nearly 100 years.

This report provides a snapshot of just some of the many great activities undertaken by our Associates, our suppliers and our partners. So, please take time to read through the work we have done. We look forward to sharing our progress as we collectively strive towards achieving a more sustainable business.

Click here to read an electronic version or click here to download the PDF version.

  • Operations: Facilities & Logistics

    We're improving the environmental profile of Wrigley Operations by:

    • Reducing energy, greenhouse gases, water, and waste
    • Identifying more efficient transportation options
    • Leveraging high performance design to create new facilities and update existing facilities/processes
    • Ensuring sustainable practices among external manufacturing partners
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  • Product: Innovation & Sourcing

    We are committed to:

    • Developing products based on consumers' expectations and evolving priorities and needs around sustainability
    • Selecting sustainable ingredients and suppliers
    • Designing eco-friendly products that minimise environmental impact
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  • Packaging: Innovation & Sourcing

    Bottle packaging uses about 20% less material in weight per piece. Packaging is critical to Wrigley from a sustainability perspective. We are committed to:

    • Partnering with customers to measure and create new, consumer-friendly sustainable packaging solutions; improve current packaging portfolio
    • Reducing the impact of packaging materials by using sustainable materials and partnering with sustainable suppliers
    • Ensuring sustainable practices among external external suppliers and business partners
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  • Culture & Communication

    To help make a difference, Wrigley will:

    • Continue to support our communities through corporate social responsibility philanthropy and sustainability initiatives
    • Work with key environmental partners to advance conservation and responsibility
    • Further educate and promote "responsible" use and disposal of our products
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