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"Life Happens in 5"

There are five seconds before you try something new, take a chance, push past your comfort zone. Your heart races, adrenaline rushes through your body. All of your senses become heightened. It’s terrifying. And exciting. Will you play it safe? Or will you make your comfort zone uncomfortable? This is the exhilaration of the moment of choice. The choice is yours.

1, 2, 3, 4 … Life Happens in 5.

So go ahead and experience something new with 5® gum. Each pack holds 15 sticks of sugar-free gum in an eye-catching slim envelope.

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Let your senses experience chewing gum in all amazing 5® gum flavors. Now available in a variety of new gum flavors, including 5 Rain®, 5 React®, 5 RPM® Fruit and Mint flavors, and many more. Check out the latest 5® gum flavors:

• Rain®...a tingling spearmint
• Cobalt®...a cooling peppermint
• Ascent™ escalating Wintermint®
• React® 2.0 Fruit...a unique fruit flavor experience
• React® 2.0 Mint...a unique mint flavor experience
• Prism®... an electric watermelon
• RPM® energizing fruit flavor
• RPM® Mint...a relaxing mint flavor
• Tempo™...a rhythmic fruit punch 

Pack Sizes
• Micro Packs - 6 tab envelope pack
• Car Cup™ packages - 50 piece plastic container
• On-the-Go Bottle - 29 piece plastic container
• Single packs - 15 stick envelope pack
• Multi-packs - 3 15 stick packs

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What is in chewing gum? Find out about 5® gum nutrition information and 5 gum facts:

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5® Gum Facts and History

Learn more about the history of 5® chewing gum and the introduction of each of the 5® gum flavors and 5® gum facts.

  • 2007 In March 2007, Wrigley introduced U.S. consumers to 5, the most exciting development in sugar-free stick gum since the launch of Extra® more than 20 years earlier.
  • 2007 In August 2007, 5 gum unveiled its marketing campaign titled 'Stimulate Your Senses.' The advertising spots described "what it feels like to chew 5 gum." Set against an industrial, futuristic backdrop, the cooling, warming and tingling sensations created by 5 gum flavors Cobalt,
  •    Flare and Rain are expressed through dramatically stimulating visuals and sounds. The campaign also strongly leveraged magazine, cinema and online media advertising to showcase our new brand.
  • 2008 In 2008, 5 brand launched two new fruit gum experiences. Lush gum provides a crisp tropical sensation and Elixir gum is a mouthwatering berry sensation.
  • 2009 5 gum takes it to the next level with unique, game-changing flavor experiences. Solstice, a warm and cool winter, and Zing, a sour to sweet bubble, are new-to-world flavor transitioning experiences.
  • 2010 React Mint and React Fruit join the 5 portfolio in March with exciting new flavor experiences.
  • 2010 5® gum introduces Prism and Vortex to its portfolio. Prism is a sweet and intense electric watermelon taste while Vortex is a sweet and juicy green apple flavor.
  • 2011 5® gum launches SwerveTM, a tangy to sweet tropical flavor.
  • 2012 5® gum introduces RPM® - available in an Energizing Fruit or a Relaxing Mint flavor.

    5® gum releases Cobalt and Rain in Wrigley’s Car Cup™ and On-the-Go Bottle so it is easier to keep these gums in reach in a car, desk, locker, back pack—or to share with others.
  • 2012 5® gum launches new ultra-portable micro packs versions of 5® Cobalt® and 5® Rain®, making it more convenient and affordable to Stimulate Your Senses®.

    5® gum launches BetaTM, a hypersensorial berry.
  • 2013 5® Gum launches 5® Focus™. 5 Focus gum dares consumers to awaken their minds in two eye-opening flavors - Spearmint and Peppermint. FIND YOUR FOCUS™.
  • 2014 5® Gum introduces Ascent™, an escalataing Wintermint®, and Photon™, a radiant pineapple blend. The brand also launched the 5 Gum Truth or Dare Challenge®, which invites 5® Gum fans to pick up a pack and play.
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