"Incredibly Fresh Breath"

Eclipse sugar-free gum provides incredibly fresh breath solutions for people whose on-the-go lifestyle demands a breath freshener that delivers.

Eclipse launched in 1999 and has remained a leader in intense breath freshening ever since. The crunchy outer shell delivers a burst of flavor providing incredibly fresh breath and great taste!

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Eclipse Gum
• Spearmint
• Polar Ice®
• Peppermint
• Winterfrost®

Pack Sizes
• Single pack - 18 count blister sleeve
• Multi-pack - 3 pack (3 packages of 18 pellets each)
• Big-E-Pak® - 60 count plastic container
• Stand-up Bag - 180 count resealable bag

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  • 1999 Eclipse gum was introduced in the U.S. by the Wrigley Company in 1999 as its first entrant into the intense pellet gum segment. Today, Eclipse gum is the fastest growing intense pellet gum in the category.
  • 2000 Polar Ice gum was introduced in 2000 and Eclipse Peppermint gum was introduced a year later.
  • 2003 In 2003, Eclipse mints were introduced. Eclipse mints were the Wrigley Company's first non-chewing gum product to be released in its 111-year history and the first mint product to be released in the United States under the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company.
  • 2006 Eclipse launched the Big-E-Pak, providing consumers 60 pieces of fresh breath in an upright bottle that fits conveniently on a desk, counter, or in a car cup-holder.
  • 2007 Eclipse, along with Orbit® and Extra®, became the first chewing gum to receive The American Dental Association's Seal of Acceptance, with nearly 20 years of research proving that the products help to fight cavities, strengthen teeth and reduce harmful plaque acids. For more on the benefits of chewing, visit the Benefits of Chewing section.
  • 2012 Eclipse introduces new split packs that connect two 9-count sides for 50% more chew at a better value (compared to MSRP of 12-piece pack). Now, your favorite gum is twice as nice – you'll have a pack for home and a pack to roam.
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