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A piece of long lasting Extra is a simple pleasure that helps make real connections special. Extra sugar free gum was launched in the U.S. in 1984. Known for its incredible, long last flavors, Extra is also available around the world. Look for Extra in Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Taiwan.

Find all the essential Extra chewing gum facts, from ingredients to nutrition, as well as information on Extra gum flavors here or visit our website to learn more about Extra Gum. Sometimes the little things last the longest.

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Experience all the long lasting, sugar-free flavors of Extra gum.

Extra Gum
• Polar Ice®
• Spearmint
• Peppermint
• Winterfresh®
• Classic Bubble
• Smooth Mint
• Sweet Watermelon
• Sour Green Apple
• Berry Burst

Pack Sizes
Single packs
• 15-stick Slim Pack®

• 3 Pack (3 15-stick Slim Packs)
• 8 pack (8 15-stick Slim Packs)

35-stick Pack
• Spearmint & Polar Ice

8-stick Slim Pack®
•Spearmint, Polar Ice, & Peppermint

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Extra® Gum Facts and History

Learn more about the history of Extra chewing gum and the introduction of each of the Extra gum flavors and Extra gum facts.

  • 1984 In 1984, Wrigley launched Extra® Gum in the U.S. and Canada as the company's first taste sustaining, sugar-free brand. At the time, it was one of the first brands to use high-intensity sweeteners in Extra® Gum ingredients as an innovation to the gum category, giving the brand leverage in long-lasting flavor. The first flavors of Extra® Gum included Spearmint and Peppermint. Within five years of launch, Extra® became the No. 1 sugar-free gum in the U.S. and in the world.
  • 1988-2007 Extra® Gum has continued to delight consumers with exciting new long-lasting gum flavors: Cinnamon and Winterfresh (1988), Classic Bubble Gum (1991), Polar Ice (2000), Cool Green Apple (2005), Cool Watermelon (2006), and Supermint (2007).
  • 2007 Extra® Gum, along with Orbit® Gum and Eclipse® Gum, became the first chewing gum to receive The American Dental Association's Seal of Acceptance, with nearly 20 years of research proving that the products help to fight cavities, strengthen teeth and reduce harmful plaque acids.
  • 2008 Launch of Extra® Fruit Sensations - Fruit Sensations represents the first sub-line in the history of the Extra® brand. Fruit Sensations consists of four incredibly long-lasting flavors: Island Cooler, Berry Pearadise, Sweet Watermelon and Strawberry-Banana. Extra® launches the Slim Pack.
  • 2009 Extra® Fruit Sensations brings "smoothie" flavor selections to the Extra® chewing gum category for the first time with the introduction of Berry Smoothie and Mango Smoothie. The two new flavors are a delicious and refreshing blend of long-lasting fruit gum flavors. Berry Smoothie is a unique combination of blackberry and blueberry smoothie flavors, and Mango Smoothie is a tasty mix of mango and strawberry smoothie flavors. Launch of Slim Pack 3 Pack
  • 2010 Extra® Dessert Delights takes its place in Extra® Gum History. Inspired by real desserts, the variety includes Mint Chocolate Chip, Strawberry Shortcake and Key Lime Pie flavors.
  • 2011 Extra® Dessert Delights adds Orange Crème Pop and Apple Pie flavors to the delectable sub-line. Extra® Gum invites fans to vote for the next delicious dessert flavor from Extra® Gum via the Fan Flavorite Vote. Root Beer Float emerged as the winner.
  • 2012 Extra® Gum welcomes three new delicious flavors, Extra® Dessert Delights Rainbow Sherbet, Lemon Square and Fan Flavorite Vote victor Root Beer Float. Extra® Gum introduces a new way to enjoy its Sweet Watermelon flavor with the Extra® Sweet Watermelon Car Cup™, designed for easier chewing on-the-go.
  • 2013 Extra® Dessert Delights introduces Raspberry Vanilla Cupcake to the line of dessert-inspired sugarfree gum. Extra® introduces Mixed Berry, a blend of red raspberries, blueberries and strawberries, to the Extra® line. Extra® Dessert Delights welcomes Peach Cobbler, a decadent combination of ripe, juicy peaches and a buttery crust, to the dessert sub-line.
  • 2014 Extra® Dessert Delights introduces Cinnamon Roll to the line of dessert-inspired sugarfree gum. Extra® introduces Sweet Orange, adding a new, popular fruit flavor to the Extra line.
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