Mars University


Like business school, only better.

When it comes to your development, we truly believe the sky’s the limit. So it’s up to you to set your goals as high as you can, and our very own Mars University will help you get there and make it mean more.

So where is this University? Well, everywhere where Mars is. Mars U, as we call it internally, is not a building, or a place. It’s a global team, distributed across the world in colleges that support a certain function (e.g. marketing, or engineering), look after a broader set of cross-functional skills such as line manager excellence or engagement, or provide fully customized learning solutions that address critical business needs. Think of it as a business school, just more flexible, more tailored to you and guided by our Five Principles.

Of course, learning here is not just about attending classes and trainings. Sure, you need a solid foundation, and our courses will provide you with one. Yet, our 70/20/10 learning model says that approximately only 10% of your learning should come from courses and trainings. An additional 20% should come from great mentors, and the remaining 70% should come from having an opportunity to put what you have learned into practice. So it’s more than a tick in the box for a course completed, more than just another certificate earned. It’s a fully integrated learning experience.

As a Wrigley associate, you’ll love the fact that learning never stops. Even externally, experts seem to agree with our approach. The Corporate University Exchange has repeatedly credited Mars for a Best Corporate University Launch (2006), Excellence in Business Alignment (2006, 2007, 2010) and Excellence in Leadership (2010), just to name a few. The Gallup organization felt the same way in 2010 and 2012 when they awarded Mars with The Great Workplace Award.

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