Rewards & Benefits

Rewards & Benefits

At Wrigley, we recognize that our success is a result of the combined contributions of our associates worldwide. To assure this success continues and grows, Wrigley operates within the following philosophy, that is, a durable standard against which compensation and benefit strategies and decisions are measured:

  • Total Rewards programs will enable the Company to attract associates who want to work for the Company, motivate and retain associates who want to progress in their careers and stay with the Company, and reward associates who make contributions to the success of the Company.
  • Total Rewards programs will be both internally and externally equitable, providing associates opportunities which relate to competitive practices and, when appropriate, reflect each associate's responsibilities, skills and contributions to the Company.
  • Total Rewards programs will be performance based and sufficiently flexible to support the Company's strategic business plans, rewarding, where appropriate, individual, team, unit and/or Company results.
  • Total Rewards programs will be effectively communicated to associates, providing them an understanding of the programs and their relationship to each of them as individuals as well as the Company as a whole.

5 Gum, Doublemint

Within the framework of this philosophy, total rewards programs are created to balance both the needs of the individual and the Company.

At Wrigley, we continually review our pay and benefits programs to ensure that we are market competitive, aligned with our business priorities and values, and providing real value to our associates around the world.

We also know that rewards is one part of the total picture - it's also about working for a winning company; a company that has strong values and integrity, a challenging work environment and talented team members; and an opportunity to learn, grow and continually develop.