U.S. Brand & Corporate Asset Usage Request

Limited Use Requests (excludes licensing, co-branding or product agreements)

Wrigley receives many requests for use of its products, trademarks and other creative assets and wishes to support requests whenever possible. We ask requestors to provide the information below to start the approval process.

We request a minimum of 3-4 weeks to respond once the information is completed and submitted as outlined below. An approved request will include a list of any talent fees that need to be funded by the requestor for use of material.

If you have an authorization/release form, please attach it to this request.

*Brand(s) Requested:

*List/name the artwork/image you’d like to use (attach copy of material if possible):
Maximum size 5mb, File Formats in .doc or .docx or .pdf or .jpg only
*Describe usage (attach script pages for movie/tv placement and/or artwork etc.) :
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*Geography or scope of use:
Title (book, movie, magazine, film, etc.):
*Slated publication or air date/run time & quantity (when appropriate):
Named licensee (if different from the above):
Artwork specifications:
*Requestor name:
*Date approval needed:(mm/dd/yy)
In hands product date (if different from above):(mm/dd/yy)
Quantity of product needed (if any):
Product delivery address:
Attach additional supporting document if any
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