U.S. Product Donation Request

Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company U.S. Product Donation Request

Due to the high volume of in-kind contribution requests received, only requests submitted electronically will receive a reply. In order to be considered, your organization must provide a 30 day advance notice, limit requests to once per calendar year and meet the criteria below:

  • A registered non-profit, charitable organization with current 501(c)3 status or an accredited educational institution
  • Programs national in scope or local in the following communities:
    • Chicago, Illinois
    • Chattanooga, Tennessee
    • Yorkville, Illinois
    • Gainesville, Georgia
  • Organizations with open participation regardless of religious, political or other affiliations

Product donations are generally not provided for:

  • For-profit organizations
  • Individuals
  • Political organizations
  • Social events
  • Silent Auctions/Raffles
  • Military requests - We have an ongoing partnership with the USO distributing product to military personnel via the Operation USO Care Package Program. Due to the high volume of individual requests for product donations, we are unable to provide additional product and prefer to concentrate our efforts on large product donations with the broadest reach.

Please be aware that in compliance with Wrigley’s marketing commitments, certain restrictions apply in regard to the donation of product to events attended by children under 12 years of age.

If your organization meets the criteria above, please provide additional detail and submit this form as noted below.

This form is for product donation requests only. We are unable to respond to requests for sponsorships, funding or any other type of support via this form. For additional information on these topics, please refer to the ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Principles in Action’ (see ‘People’) sections of our website

Contact Information:
*Organization legal name and dba if applicable:
*501(c)3 number:
*Address 1 (no PO boxes):
Address 2:
*Postal Code:
Web site:
*Primary contact name and title:
*Primary contact email:
*Primary contact phone:
*Primary category of service:

*Please summarize the event and how the product will be used:
Request Information
*Percent of participants anticipated to be children under 12 years
*Will children attending the event be accompanied by an adult?
*Event date (mm/dd/yy):
*Quantity Requested:
*Receipt deadline (mm/dd/yy):
Shipping Address (if different from above):
*Required Fields
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