Cleaner & Greener Communities

We all have a role to play in helping create a world free of littered gum. We are continuing to build on our work to encourage people to purchase and enjoy our products while disposing of them in the right way. And we’re putting education first by providing active environmental and littered gum prevention programs to communities around the world.

photos: Go Green

Multiplying Our Impact

While we are accountable for making progress as Wrigley, we believe we can do even more if we work in partnership with others. Through Go Green, Wrigley associates are at the helm of bringing sustainable practices to life both at work and in their communities.

Think Twice

 We take the issue of littered gum very seriously. We strongly believe that the best — and the only sustainable — way to reduce all forms of litter is to change behavior. For decades, we have encouraged responsible disposal through the use of disposal logos on packaging and at point of sale, ensuring our consumers are reminded to do the right thing every time they interact with one of our products.

Litter & Environmental Education

We value our partnerships with governmental agencies, environmental organizations and educators to promote environmental education through community campaigns and in-school programs. Through our global partnership with the Foundation for Environmental Education, we engage and educate youth on the issues of litter and waste. Our “Litter Less” program spans 35 countries and will reach 1.8M students globally in 2017.

Go Green

Our Go Green program began in 2010 as a forum to empower Associates to take action at their site. Passionate Associates volunteer to lead the program, igniting a wave of Go Green activities at Wrigley offices, remote sales locations and factories around the world. Efforts range from eliminating plastic water and soda bottles and hosting paperless meetings to implementing cafeteria composting and planting factory-side gardens.


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