Sustainable & Secure Sourcing

Climate change impacts, land degradation, and poor agricultural practices can harm harvests and farmer livelihoods. This makes it difficult for us to source the quality raw materials needed to produce the brands our consumers love.

To mitigate these risks, Mars has formalized a sustainable sourcing strategy, which covers 23 raw materials and addresses the five impacts most critical to our supply chain: land use, greenhouse gas emissions, water use, income and human rights.

image packs Founding Member: (MIRC) Mint Industry Research Council

Enhancing Mint-farming Practices

We use mint to flavor 70% of our gum formulas, including some fruit-flavored products. So, ensuring there is always high-quality mint available is vital to our business. And making sure we source it responsibly is vital to all involved in our value chain.

Empowering Mint-farming Communities

Pratham, a global partner since 2013, provides literacy and basic educational skills to thousands of children who reside in the mint-farming villages of India’s Uttar Pradesh. The program has impacted more than 57,000 children in 804 villages to date with the goal of helping to increase the students’ annual sustained learning levels and to help close learning gaps. Visit the Pratham website to read more.

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