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Delikatny, orzeźwiający smak gumy bezcukrowej Orbit usuwa uczucie nieczystości w ustach. Guma Orbit® jest marką globalną, lubianą przez miliony ludzi na całym świecie. Co ważne, guma Orbit® otrzymała Znak Jakości Amerykańskiego Towarzystwa Stomatologów. Aby dowiedzieć się więcej na temat dobroczynnych skutków żucia gumy Orbit®, odwiedź zakładkę Korzyści płynące z żucia gumy. Nie zapomnij odwiedzić naszej strony internetowej, aby dowiedzieć się więcej na temat gumy do żucia Orbit®.

open/closeSmaki gumy do żucia Orbit®

Poczytaj o najnowszych wariantach smakowych gumy Orbit!

• Peppermint - Mocna Mięta
• Spearmint - Łagodna Mięta
• Bubblemint™
• Wintermint®
• Lemon Lime
• Strongmint
• Apple
• Tropical
• Strawberry
• Forest Berry
• Bubblemint
• Watermelon

Orbit dla dzieci
• Classic

Orbit White
• Fruit
• Peppermint - Mocna Mięta
• Spearmint - Łagodna Mięta

Wymiary opakowań
• Single pack - 18 pellets

Wymiary opakowań
• Paczka 10 drażetek
• Torebka 25 drażetek
• Stojąca torebka 42 drażetki
• Mega torebka 90 drażetek
• Butelka 46 drażetek
• Opakowanie po 2 drażetki
• Opakowanie 14 pasków
• Opakowanie 5 pasków
• Opakowanie 15 pasków

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Co kryje się we wnętrzu gumy do żucia? Poznaj informacje dotyczące wartości odżywczych gumy Orbit® oraz fakty o gumie Orbit®:

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Orbit® Gum Facts and History

Learn more about the history of Orbit® chewing gum and the introduction of each of the Orbit® gum flavors and Orbit® gum facts.

  • 1944 The history of Orbit® Gum dates back to World War II. In an effort to support the troops, Wrigley shipped all the production of Juicy Fruit®, Wrigley's Spearmint® and Doublemint® overseas to the Armed Forces.
  •   Since they were no longer available on the civilian market, Wrigley began production of a new gum called Orbit®. After the war had ended and the three established brands returned to the market in 1946, Orbit® gum was discontinued.
  • 1976 Orbit® gum made its return 30 years later in 1976, when it was introduced in Germany, Switzerland and Holland. This marked the first time that a sugar-free gum was marketed under the Wrigley name. The brand has since spread to other regions, including Canada, Australia, the UK, Norway, Poland and Israel.
  • 2001 Orbit® chewing gum made its return to the U.S. with the launch of Spearmint and Wintermint flavors. The company's first tab product sold in the U.S., Orbit® gum was advertised as providing a "Just Brushed Clean Feeling" as well as the Orbit® Gum Commercials featuring the Orbit® Gum Girl and the “Dirty Mouth”, and “A Good Clean Feeling” campaigns. The brand quickly gained in popularity and became the fastest growing brand in the gum category.
  • 2002 Orbit® Peppermint flavor introduced; Orbit® White was launched as a sugar-free pellet gum and sub brand of the newly popular Orbit® gum.
  • 2003 Orbit® Gum flavors Bubblemint and Cinnamint launched.
  • 2004 Orbit® White gum re-launched with Peppermint and Spearmint flavors.
  • 2005 Orbit® Sweetmint and Citrusmint launched.
  • 2006 Orbit® Lemon Lime and Crystal Mint launched.
  •   Orbit® White became available in a Big-E-Pak, a durable container with two re-closable openings, one to pour and share and another for single servings, conveniently delivering more gum for ease of use in the car, at work, or wherever consumers chew gum the most.
  • 2007 Orbit® Mint Mojito and Raspberry Mint launched.
  •   Orbit® Gum, along with Extra® Gum and Eclipse® Gum, became the first chewing gum to receive The American Dental Association's Seal of Acceptance, with nearly 20 years of research demonstrating that the products help to fight cavities, strengthen teeth and reduce harmful plaque acids. For more information visit our Benefits of Chewing section.
  •   Melon Breeze launched as a new flavor of Orbit® White that combines the popularity of fruit flavors and whitening gums with a refreshing blend of melon, pear and kiwi sensations.
  • 2008 Orbit® Gum Maui Melon Mint, Strawberry Mint, Positively Pomegranate, Fabulous Fruitini and Sangria Fresca flavors launched. Orbit® White Fruit Sorbet flavor launched.
  •   The Orbit® Gum Big Pak product was launched, providing consumers with 35 pieces of gum in a single, re-closable envelope package.
  • 2009 Orbit® Gum introduces Orbit® Mist, a premium gum that contains Micro-Bursts to deliver a hydrating sensation to consumers. Orbit® Mist offers three unique, great tasting flavors including Peppermint Spray, Watermelon Spring, and Mango Surf.
  • 2010 Orbit® Piña Colada, Lime Melon and Tropical Remix flavors launched. Orbit® Mist Raspberry Lemon Dew launched.
  • 2011 Orbit® Gum releases two new delicious fruit flavor varieties – Orbit® Strawberry Remix and Orbit® Mist Crisp Mint Waterfall.
  • 2012 Orbit® Gum launches Wildberry Remix and Melon Remix flavors.

    Orbit® White introduces new split packs that connect two 9-count sleeves for 50% more chew at a better value (compared to MSRP of 12-piece pack). Now, your favorite Orbit® chewing gum is twice as nice – you'll have a pack for home and a pack to roam.
  •   Orbit® Gum releases Spearmint and Wintermint in Wrigley’s Car Cup™ and On-the-Go Bottle packages so it is easier to keep these flavors in reach in a car, desk, locker, back pack—or to share with others.
  •   Orbit® Gum launches new ultra-portable micro packs versions of Orbit® Wintermint, Spearmint and Strawberry Remix, making it more convenient and affordable to have your favorite flavors handy all the time.
  • 2013 Orbit® launches Orbit® for Kids, a new sugarfree chewing that is a fun and convenient way to help protect kids’ teeth. Orbit® for Kids was awarded the ADA Seal of Acceptance.
  • 2014 Orbit® Gum launches Apple Remix™ flavor.
  • 2015 Orbit® Gum launches Citrus Remix™ flavor.

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