The economic benefits of sugarfree chewing gum

Get chewing & start saving: how chewing sugarfree gum can help save money on dental visits

Recently, exciting new research published in the British Dental Journal has revealed significant potential cost savings on dental treatments if people chewed sugarfree gum after eating and drinking,  because of the important role it plays in helping to prevent tooth decay.

The research by York Health Economics Consortium and Peninsula Dental School, Plymouth University, with support from Wrigley, puts the spotlight on the savings that could be made if all 12 year olds in the UK were to chew sugarfree gum.  It found that if all 12 year olds were to chew three times a day, the NHS could save up to £8.2 million every year.i

The implications of this could be huge, if you consider the potential cost savings to both the NHS and individuals if you were to apply the research model to the whole population rather than just one age group, as the study authors suggest within the research.

Dr Ben Atkins, Principal Director of Revive Dental Care says, "Most adults pay a fee for dental treatments, so making sure their teeth stay clean and healthy could be a shrewd financial step as well as an important health one. Depending on whether it's an NHS or private dentist, a check-up and basic filling can start at £50".

Dr Atkins continues, "Tooth decay is a largely preventable dental problem, and sugarfree gum can be an easy and effective addition to oral health routines to help combat the problem. This is because sugarfree gum increases the production of saliva which helps clean the mouth and neutralises the plaque acids that cause tooth decay. It can be a really useful tool for anyone snacking and drinking on the go when they don’t have immediate access to more traditional oral care methods."

The Oral Health Foundation recommends that, while brushing for two minutes, twice a day is still the best way to keep teeth clean and healthy, chewing sugarfree gum during the day can be effective in neutralising harmful plaque acids and reducing the risk of decay.ii

What a great reason to chew!

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