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"Helps fight the plaque you can’t see"

When you consume sugary food or drinks, invisible plaque builds up on your teeth, eventually leading to tooth decay. Chewing sugarfree gum after eating or drinking is proven to help protect teeth and gums.1 That's because the action of chewing stimulates saliva production - nature's very own ingredient for getting rid of harmful acids in the mouth. Orbit Complete has been approved by the British Dental Health Foundation and Irish Dental Association. Find out many more Benefits of Chewing.

Reasons to chew

Chewing Orbit Complete with Xylitol can help

• clean teeth in between brushings
• strengthen teeth and gums
• stop acid attacks
• rebuild tooth enamel
• put a stop to plaque formation
• freshen breath

For advice on looking after your teeth, brushing and flossing, visit:

1 The benefits of all sugarfree chewing gum and Wrigley’s Orbit Complete specifically, is recognised by the British Dental Association (BDA -, the British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF -, the British Dental Hygienists’ Association (BDHA - and the World Dental Federation (WDF -, in recognition of its contribution to good oral healthcare. See our website for more information.


Orbit Complete
• Spearmint
• Peppermint

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Single packs
• 14 tabs

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  • 1977Wrigley’s launch Orbit, the UK’s first sugarfree gum
  • 2001Xylitol, a special sweetener with added dental health benefits was introduced into the Orbit range
  • 2006Orbit was relaunched as Orbit Complete, available in soft-chew tabs
  • 2008Wrigley launches two new fruit flavour Orbit Complete varieties – Orbit Complete Strawberry and Lemon and Lime

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