Packaging: Innovation & Sourcing

Globally, we are committed to:

  • Partnering with customers to measure and create new, consumer-friendly sustainable packaging solutions; improve current packaging portfolio
  • Reducing the impact of packaging materials by using sustainable materials and partnering with sustainable suppliers
  • Ensuring sustainable practices among external manufacturing partners

In the UK alone, The Wrigley Company produces 12 brands with a variety of different packaging and is committed to exploring best-practice sustainability methods in the packaging category.

Eclipse Packaging
The bottle pack

The bottle pack is one example of the innovative packaging that Wrigley uses. First introduced in the China marketplace about five years ago, the packaging was more durable and more sustainable. The bottle is recyclable, and last year, the bottle was re-engineered to become even lighter. An innovative approach incorporating talc as a 'filler' decreased the amount of plastic used by 50 percent and the overall bottle weight by over 25 percent, while still maintaining the integrity of the package. The UK has embraced the bottle pack by incorporating it into the Extra® portfolio and it is a popular format for Wrigley brands around the world.

Wrigley’s Spearmint®, Doublemint® and Juicy Fruit®

As a responsible Company, Wrigley is committed to looking at opportunities to reduce its impact on the environment by reviewing the sustainability of our packaging. In light of this, in 2010 we removed the single stick wrapper from Wrigley’s Spearmint®, Doublemint® and Juicy Fruit® with a view to reducing packaging waste yet still ensuring consumers enjoy a high quality product they expect from the Wrigley Company.

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