Our Associate Concept

We believe in a relationship between company and associate that is more meaningful and powerful than what usually exists between employer and employee. Each of us is a stakeholder in our business, and we have a responsibility to uphold our principles and deliver great results. In return, each associate can expect to be respected, supported and valued as an individual, to be treated fairly and equitably, to be rewarded for their performance, and to have opportunities to grow and develop. This is a relationship of mutual trust and respect, based on the Five Principles, which values people as individuals and allows their great talents to be released.
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It’s not just our fun and popular products that give people a lift in their daily lives. We believe we can and must play a positive role for everyone our business touches.
We aim to make a difference by respecting diversity and encouraging inclusion, consistently improving our health and safety practices, providing volunteer opportunities for our associates and through philanthropy with real impact.



Wrigley will continue to partner with the business, governmental and NGO organisations that will help us address important business issues like gum residue, nutrition labelling regulations, and health and wellness - issues which are important to our customers and consumers - and are important to our business as well.

Action on Gum Litter
Bin Your Gum

The Wrigley Company is an industry member of the Chewing Gum Action Group, which was established in 2003 by a consortium of interested stakeholders including the chewing gum industry, Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Keep Britain Tidy, Local Government Association, Chartered Institution for Waste Management and the Food and Drink Federation.

The Chewing Gum Action Group works in partnership with selected local authorities to run outdoor advertising campaigns to educate the minority of consumers who dispose of gum inappropriately to simply put their used chewing gum in the bin. The campaigns have been very successful with some local authorities achieving reductions in gum litter by over 80%. In addition to encouraging responsible disposal of gum, the campaigns highlight the fine of up to £80 for littering chewing gum.

For more information on the Chewing Gum Action Group please visit

Bin Your Gum

'Bin it!' Wrigley UK's school's programme

The Bin It! Schools Programme has been designed specifically for 11-13 year olds, to make them more aware of the local environment around them such as their school, high street and local park. Developed by The Wrigley Company, in partnership with specialist education consultancy Edcoms, the programme incorporates a team of actors who visit schools to encourage greater awareness of the environment and educate young people about responsible litter disposal.

Bin It! was launched in 2006 and each year actors visit up to 50 secondary schools across five areas of the UK, helping young people develop a sense of personal responsibility and allowing them to see the impact of anti-social behaviour, such as the consequences of dropping chewing gum.

Schools are also provided with a resource pack that includes teachers' notes, resource cards, activity cards and colour posters. The resource packs are available to all secondary schools across the UK, and have been designed to be used in citizenship lessons. So far nearly 5,000 packs have been requested and schools are able to download their own at


In 2005, Wrigley UK announced its support for the charity Country Holidays for Inner City Kids (CHICKS). CHICKS is a non-political, non-denominational charity, providing free respite breaks in the West Country for children from all parts of the UK. These children are predominantly from inner cities with a background of disadvantage, abuse, living in social services care or are child carers who look after sick or disabled parents full time. They are referred by professionals such as their GP, schools, social services, churches and other children's charities. The ethos behind these breaks is to provide a loving caring environment; developing and encouraging self-esteem, wellness and diversity and in the long-term giving hope and happiness to children who have little, which is a perfect fit with the Wrigley's own ethos and charitable policy.

Wrigley UK has supported the charity not only financially by assisting with the purchase of their Moorland retreat centre and other facilities but just as importantly by the enthusiasm and dedication of associates who have been proactive and committed to helping the charity. Activity includes redecoration, the renovation of two play barns and supply of equipment. Associates have also participated in fundraising activity including sponsored sky dives, half marathons and the sale of excess office furniture. CHICKS celebrated a very important milestone in December 2007 when they offered their 5000th child a respite break at their Moorland retreat and Wrigley were able to be a part of that special day.


Going forward, the engagement of the entire Wrigley organisation in this commitment is more important than ever, because it is vital that we all are aware of the impact we have as individuals and as business leaders in this effort and that we understand how to weave sustainable practices into our everyday decision making.

Internally, education, sharing of best practices and open communication will help make sustainability second nature in our every day lives at Wrigley and ingrain it in Wrigley's business decision making. This communication will also serve as a call to action for Wrigley associates - helping to identify how we can all make a difference, whether that is by making a lifestyle choice or applying sound economic, environmental and socially responsible business practices during our business day.

What's next
Conservation International and the International Youth Foundation

We will tap into the expertise and knowledge of Wrigley associates in identifying what we can do differently and benchmark where we are now. The ideas contributed by Wrigley associates will be a part of developing Company-wide programs and fuelling education.

In addition, on-going communications that facilitate awareness, education, sharing best practices, and exchanging tips and ideas with one another will be a part of creating a Wrigley culture committed to sustainability and making it a part of our regular dialogue. Externally, Wrigley will continue to play a role in addressing issues important to the confectionery industry and our consumers including wellness, nutrition and proper disposal of consumer packaged goods and our products.

The company will also continue to actively engage in its communities across the globe through the Wrigley Foundation and local volunteer and philanthropic initiatives, including the exciting development of programming with International Youth Foundation and Conservation International.


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