Product: Innovation & Sourcing

We are committed to:

  • Developing products based on consumers' expectations and evolving priorities and needs around sustainability
  • Selecting sustainable ingredients and suppliers
  • Designing eco-friendly products that minimise environmental impact
5 Gum, Altoids, Eclipse

What kind of impact do our products have on the environment? How can we innovate new products in sustainable ways? Are some ingredients more eco-friendly than others? It's these questions, and many more, that Wrigley is working to answer to become a wholly sustainable organisation.

When it comes to ingredient sourcing, the Wrigley Company has partnered with local companies to help generate enough supply for the demand in that region through the dedicated efforts of the Procurement department. There is both a business advantage to working with local manufacturers, and a sustainability upside as well.

What's next

The Wrigley Quality Procedures will be taught at all of our co-manufacturers. This extensive curriculum of quality-control methods will help ensure Wrigley standards at non-Wrigley facilities. Another positive result is that the training enables a better-qualified workforce and develops a more economically sustainable community.

Product Quality

At Wrigley we take quality very seriously to ensure that our products are meeting consumers' needs on every occasion around the world. Quality of our products and services has always been the key to our organisation's success in the 180 countries where we do business.
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Supplier Code of Conduct

Because we believe it is our social responsibility to conduct business in a manner that is consistent with the highest standards of business ethics, we hold our suppliers to the same high standards. This commitment is the foundation of our 'Wrigley Way' of doing business.
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