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Brits' beauty perceptions revealed in new study

Forget the face-paint, a study has revealed that nearly three quarters of us (70%) find women more attractive when they smile than when they wear make-up.

The research, carried out by Orbit Complete® for its Healthy Smile campaign tested photographic casestudies of women on over 1,000 people across the UK. Each woman was photographed twice, once wearing usual make-up and not smiling and once without make-up and smiling, and interestingly, both men (66%) and women (73%) believe a smile makes you more attractive than make-up - so the beauty choice of the future is free and at your instant disposal.

Grin and Bear it
As well as increasing your attractiveness, wearing a smile also makes you look approachable and fun. Eight out of 10 respondents ranked the word 'approachable' within the top three words they would associate with the smiling photo and three quarters (73%) ranked the word 'fun' within their top three describing attributes.

  Expected attributes of the images (male and female respondents)
  Smiling Image (without make-up) Non-smiling Image (with make-up)
1 Approachable Moody
2 Fun Disinterested
3 Confident Confident
4 Youthful Hostile
5 Successful Successful

Push-Off Posh
Single women looking for a date should ditch the sultry pose and opt for a grin instead, as the pout is definitely out according to men. Along with finding non-smiling women less attractive, men also considered them to be moody (ranked number one attribute with almost 60% of men placing the word within their top three expected character traits). Likewise, non-smiling women also give off a bad impression to those of the same sex - two thirds of women consider them to look disinterested*.

What's more, women wanting to wind back the years should simply replace fancy lotions and treatments with a flash of their pearly whites - despite wearing no make-up, when they smiled they were thought to look more youthful.**

Louise Redknapp, face of Orbit Complete said: "I count my smile as my best asset and it has definitely had an influence on my career. Flashing a friendly smile costs you nothing but can have a big impact on the way people perceive you. That's why I make sure I take care of my teeth and always carry a pack of Orbit Complete sugarfree gum with me to help keep my teeth and gums clean and healthy when I'm on the go."

Nigel Carter, CEO of the British Dental Health Foundation said: "Looking after your teeth and gums is essential if you want to make the most of your smile. Chewing sugarfree gum between brushing, after meals and snacking, will help you maintain a healthy smile."

*65% of female respondents ranked the word 'disinterested' within the top three character traits associated with the photograph of the model not smiling (with make-up).

**41% of respondents ranked youthful within their top three describing words for the smiling image (without make-up), versus 25% who ranked youthful within their top three traits for the non-smiling image (with make-up).

For further information, please call the Orbit Complete press office:
Emma Harris - - 0207 067 0623
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