Charity bins project wins excellence prize at international behaviour change awards

Bin it for Good, the anti-litter project created by The Wrigley Company and Keep Britain Tidy, has won an Excellence Award for Sustainability at the 2016-17 AIM Nudging for Good Awards at a star-studded ceremony in Brussels.

AIM, the European Brands Association, created the awards to promote original "nudges for good" by brands. The jury was chaired by Robert Madelin, former EU Commission Director-General and Adviser to the World Economic Forum Council on the Future of Behavioural Sciences.

Bin it for Good was designed to change behaviour around littering by offering a reward that benefits the community rather than the individual. For three months, a town centre's street bins are transformed into 'charity collection tins', featuring a new local charity each month. The more litter that goes into the bins each month, and the less litter on the street, the greater a donation that the charity receives. Thus, by placing waste in the bin, local people could help their community in two ways: by improving the appearance of their local area and by donating to a local charity.

Bin it for Good has seen successful results in ten council areas so far. The pilot project reduced litter by an average of 42% at one site over three months. The next wave of projects showed how the nudge worked in different types of locations, delivering on average a 30% decrease in litter across three months. The third wave will report later this Spring with results already looking strong. A toolkit is now in development which will allow other areas to use the nudge in the future to decrease litter in their areas.

Alexandra West, Senior Manager, Corporate Affairs for The Wrigley Company, UK and Ireland, commented:
"We are delighted by the success of this project and the fantastic recognition of our efforts from the judges. Behavioural scientists have previously found that rewards can be an effective way to influence people’s behaviour. By offering a reward that benefits the community rather than the individual, Bin it for Good reinforces the intrinsic values that often lead to more positive environmental and social behaviours in the long term. This is one of the many projects Wrigley supports in the UK to tackle litter and part of wider research we are undertaking on behavioural drivers around littering and how to influence them."

Allison Ogden-Newton, Chief Executive of Keep Britain Tidy, commented:
"Bin it for Good brings together Keep Britain Tidy’s expertise in understanding littering behaviour with Wrigley's expertise in consumer behaviour. It’s bringing together those levels of understanding that has made Bin it for Good the success that it is."